Merit Badge Schedule

Below are the Merit Badge Schedules for the 2015 - 2016 camping Season. We have made them either available by the week you will be attending or as a comprehensive pdf. Keep in mind that these schedules are tentative and may be subject to change at the discretion of the Camp Pouch administration between now and the start of camp.

If you have any questions concerning the Merit Badge schedules, please feel free to contact us at the main office number 718-351-1905. We hope that you are just excited as we are! See you at camp!


Schedule for 2016

Date Time Class
Nov 5 9:00 AM Nuclear Science part 1
1:00 PM Public Health
Dec 10 9:00 AM Nuclear Science part 2
1:00 PM Medicine


Schedule for 2017

Date Time Class
Feb 11 9:00 AM Family Life
1:00 PM Scholarship
Mar 18 9:00 AM Digital Technology
April 1 9:00 AM Disability Awareness
May 6 9:00 AM Space exploration part 1
June 17 9:00 AM

Space exploration part 2 (Camporee Field)