Pouch Day Camp : Additional Programs

Jolly Roger Hunt

With the help of Staten Island's History Hunters, we are able to offer Metal Detecting. While searching through the many parts of camp, scouts are able to find items that show the history of scouting and the history of Staten Island. Many items have be found through-out camp, most of the items are displayed in our museum.


Scout Skills

Scout Skills offers a wide variety of program including knots, lashings, ax & knife safety, cooking, fire building and wilderness survival. Come and practice your skills, learn new tricks or finish up a merit badge. This area is great for a unit to sharpen their scouting skills. Please make prior arrangements with the office so that time can be set aside for your unit.

Cub Scout Weeks

Weeks 3 and 7 this year of Pouch Day Camp, we'll be focused on Cub Scout Advancement!  If you're a Scout and want to get a leg up on your next rank, be sure to check out Pouch Day Camp on Weeks 3 and 7!

Trail to First Class Week

If you're a Boy Scout, and you came home from Ten Mile River and missed a couple of requirements, then check out our Trail to First Class program Week 7 at Day Camp!  We'll work with you to get you the requirements you need to advance to that next rank along the Trail to Eagle.