Weekend Activities

Memorial Garden

Resting in the shadows of Irving Berlin Lodge is our Memorial Garden titled "Until We Meet Again". In our Garden we honor friends and family that have gone before us. Through the garden you will notice many benches. These have been placed by friends and family of Scouters that have passed over the years. Please stop by and take in the beautiful garden during your next visit to the camp.


Once Upon A Time....

Nestled in the bottom of Berlin Lodge is the Once Upon a Time Scout Museum. Throughout the years the camp has been given memorabilia that displays the long history of Pouch Camp and Scouting. Please stop in and take a look during your next visit.



All we have to say is two words: Lake Ohrbach. This lake is unique to Pouch. Fish range from Large Mouth Bass to Sunnies. The fishing area offers docks and equipment your unit can check out and use. Note: all over the age of 16 must have a NYS fishing license. (We are Region 2) Please observe the posted non-fishing areas throughout camp.


Nature Lodge

The Amazon rain forest all under one roof. The Nature lodge offers a large array of reptiles, ducks, turtles, rabbits, birds and fish. This area is great for introducing your scouts to nature.


Mountain Biking

Explore the various different areas of the camp from behind a set of handle bars. The Mountain Bike course spans across the camp and offers a number of challenging hills.




Rock climbing is a great activity for people of all ages, from children to seniors. Rock climbing is a great alternative for your traditional weekend program. It uniquely provides a full body workout from the major muscle groups, such as chest and back, to smaller muscles such as forearms and even your hands. You also get the added benefits of improved flexibility and balance. In addition, climbing provides a mental challenge - as you climb specific routes you're strengthening your mind by using logic, spatial awareness and problem solving skills. Don't forget, the most important aspect of climbing is how much fun it is!! Reservations need to made in advance. Please contact the office (718) 351-1905 for more details and requirements for the climb.